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Dear Resident,

As we approach polling day on Friday 24th May, I want to outline my experience and my key priorities if elected.

I am Chartered Accountant and tax advisor living locally in Blackrock and it has been a pleasure to represent you  on DLR CoCo since 2014. I have worked with both residents and local business groups to ensure that your best interests are protected and that we are growing our communities in a sustainable manner. 

My voting record over the last five years shows that I have consistently supported measures to allow our local businesses grow and remain competitive. I have worked on initiatives for our parks, cyclists, public transport, libraries and other amenities that make our area a great place to live and to raise a family. 

Climate action needs to be at the heart of every decision we make at council level.


Climate action is an urgent issue, which requires urgent attention. It needs to be the driving force behind every decision we make. This can only be achieved through responsible governance. In Europe and the US, we are seeing increasingly extremist politics. In Northern Ireland and the UK, we are seeing the results of politicians reacting to populism rather than being leaders and delivering for their citizens. 

Locally, we have political parties who shout from the side-lines and are against everything, but are silent when political leadership and responsible decisions are required. 

I am not afraid to make tough decisions, I am honest in my dealings and believe the work of our county council is important. 

I am asking for your No. 1 vote on Friday 24th May so that I can continue to be a strong voice for you on these issues.

Yours faithfully,

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 Cllr. Kate Feeney | 2019

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