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Affordable Housing: Our Unique Problem

Blackrock, and the DLR area, have a unique problem in relation to housing - affordability.

The Residential Property Price Index February 2019 showed the median house price in DLR was €540,000, compared to €250,000 nationally.

Many young couples and families, who wish to stay and buy a home in the area, are being priced out of the market.

High rents prevent many from saving for an initial deposit. The government’s Rebuilding Ireland Mortgage scheme is not effective in DLR due to the high cost of property (property must be <€320,000) and the Help to Buy scheme (€20,000 tax rebate on new properties) only applies to new properties under €500,000. This cannot be reasonably called a solution for our residents as so few properties in DLR meet these criteria.

As well as an effective and affordable housing scheme, we also need to adjust the current Help to Buy and Home Loan schemes on a geographical basis so that young families living in DLR can avail of them.

Councillors must be given greater input when these schemes are being drafted to ensure that they are effective in all areas. As it stands, families in other parts of the country can receive assistance when buying a home, while families in DLR are being forced to move away.


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