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Brexit Uncertainty

Michel Barnier meets the Irish Committee of the Regions Delegation

As the likely outcome on Brexit becomes less certain, it is important that we are putting contingency measures to soften the blow of a ‘crash out’ or No Deal Scenario.

Through the Committee of the Regions, I have been calling for the creation of a Stabilisation Fund for those countries and regions who will be most adversely impacted by Brexit.

Last May I was successful in securing unanimous support from the members of the Committee of the Regions in relation to this fund, and this has been communicated to both the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Last December, I reaffirmed our position with Michel Barnier when he attended a plenary session of the Committee of the Regions. I also raised the issue of the Good Friday Agreement.

As a 33 year old, I was 12 when the Good Friday Agreement was signed and have grown up in a country where there has been mainly peace. This is something that needs to be actively protected, we cannot allow peace on our island be taken for granted.

You can see a link to the agreed Committee of the Regions resolution on Brexit here.


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