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Supporting Green Infrastructure

On Tuesday 29th January, I spoke at the ENHANCING RESILIENCE OF URBAN ECOSYSTEMS THROUGH GREEN INFRASTRUCTURES hosted by the ENVE Commission of the Committee of the Regions.

I discussed the importance of maintaining our green spaces and making them as accessible as possible for members of the public. This has positive impacts both on our mental and physical health.

We are extremely fortunate in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown that we have such excellent amenities in our County. Did you know we have 63 parks and 337 green spaces identified within the county. In fact, Blackrock is home to one of the County’s regional parks – Blackrock Park.

Over 80% of households in the County live within 600 metre of a park.

In times of competing demands on our open spaces it is really important that we have representatives who value our open spaces and are willing to fight for their retention and improvement.

At the seminar, I learned about Green Infrastructure initiives from Manchester, Oslo, Padova, and Utrecht which have been brought together through the European union ENROUTE project.

Knowledge sharing and best practice is key in making our green infrastructures work in a more positive way for our communities.

You can find out more about the DLR Green Infrastructure Strategy 2016 – 2022 here and about the ENROUTE project here


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